Saturday, 18 February 2012

A spiritual check-up pt 2 - hands

How can our hands help us to assess the state of our hearts?

The opposable thumb that we have been given allows us to grip; to hold on to things. This can be a good or a bad thing. What are you gripping on to? If you are holding on to God with all your might, that's great.

But sometimes we hold on to other things. Whatever we grip on to we have a reason not to let go of, and some of those things are harmful. Things like grudges and unforgiveness. If you are holding on to these things, you need to ask yourself why. Are you feeling 'holier than thou' by keeping hold of perceived wrongs? Are you refusing to forgive someone? Please hear me: you are the one who is being hurt by not forgiving. It is like holding on to barbed wire. Let it go.

Are you being stingy with your money or possessions? The usual reason for this is because you place your security in riches instead of in God.

We also use our hands to touch others, so who do you reach out to? Do you show compassion?
Things touch us, too. If your heart is tender you are touched by injustice, poverty, cruelty, etc. So what touches you? What sends you into action?

To sum up, look at what your hands do in regards to these five actions: grip, heal, serve, give, touch. They will tell you about the state of your heart.

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