Friday, 11 May 2012

Art Journal Challenge

This page came from a challenge on an art journalling social network that I joined recently. They have a new challenge every two weeks. This one was to draw your face while looking in a mirror and not looking at what you were drawing except to put your pencil down in a new place. You were then to colour this impressionist-style drawing in your favourite colour of wax crayon.

Well, anyone who knows me will know that this doesn't look like me, but I kinda like the slightly skewed style. My favourite colour is red, but colouring in all my features in shades of red didn't really appeal, so I just did eyes, lips, and eyebrows in red and shifted either side on the colour wheel, going with oranges and purples.

What I see on the page looks nothing like what I see in the mirror, and it set me thinking about how others see us. How often are you praised for something you've done when you know deep down inside that you did it begrudgingly? And what about the things we see in ourselves that we don't like, whether in how we look or how we behave or think? Others don't always see us in the same way as we see ourselves.

Are you your own worst critic? Or do you look at yourself through rose-tinted glasses?


  1. New follower here - - :)
    Definitely my own worst critic. Great post, but now I'm going to be wondering how people see me . . . and hope it's better than I see myself . . .sigh.

  2. Welcome, Judy.
    Glad you liked the post. Sometimes I think we spend too much time worrying about what others think of us instead of just getting on with life. Really there are only a couple of people whose opinion of us matters. Better to work out who they are and not worry about the rest: )


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