Monday, 18 August 2014

One Little Word - Lost

Over at One Little Word, the word for the month is lost. I can fully embrace this word at the moment,  being in a transition period between one church and another. We are only moving across the city, but being a ministry family, when there is a new post, there is a new house, new church, new set of people.

Everything changes.

And there is a period in between when you are detaching from one place but haven't yet moved on to the next.


  1. Amazing piece Tracy, love the way you played with your circles, it truely shows your emotion about moving without further explanations!

  2. are those the inside of security envelope? love it!

    1. The journal is made from a roll of pianola paper - the sort that you put into the instrument and it plays the tune using a series of holes in the paper. The words at the bottom are the words of the song.

  3. Love your page. Thanks for joining us at one little word.


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