Monday, 15 October 2018

Painful growth

None of us likes change, not really. 

We like 'comfortable'. 
We like 'familiar'. 
We like people who are like us. 

But there is no growth without change. Any growth will cause a change in you. Growth is a sign of life, even if that growth is painful. 

So embrace change, even when it's uncomfortable.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Not quite connecting

Not quite connecting... yet.

When you move - and in our case it's been a huge move - it can feel as if things should fall into place a lot quicker than they do. There is an impatience for connection, but connection and community take time.

I feel slightly disconnected and it's showing in my pages. I'm not loving them. They feel all over the place to me. I can't find words or I can only find the same words. As with finding community, I'll just have to keep going, pushing on through the difficult, messy patch in hope of getting there in the end.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Looking for community

Looking for community. It's one of the things that's essential when you move to a new place. Who will be the people that become friends? Who will we 'click' with? Who will become 'our' people?

It all takes time, and usually longer than you'd like it to. Finding those who are on the same wavelength as you, who will provide support and accept it is not an easy task. We have to spend time with lots of people to work out who will take a bigger role in our lives.

It can be exhausting, but is definitely worth it.

Monday, 8 October 2018


I've been venturing outside the art journal in the last week. Here are a couple of canvases I'm working on in the hope of doing an exhibition sometime in the next 12 months.

And I'm also doing some knitting.

Where else do you venture outside your journal?

Friday, 5 October 2018

Stand kneeling

Stand firm, even when you have to do it on your knees.

Standing firm is about refusing to be moved. It is about holding our ground. When we are on our knees we are harder to move, harder to push over or cause to wobble.

When it is hard to stay on your feet, stand firm on your knees.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Sometimes things grow in ways you don't expect.

I used a hand-carved stamp for the plant on this page. One is growing as you would expect and two are coming in from the side. The one in the 'correct' orientation is black and white while the others are in colour. As I stood back and looked at the page, it made me think about how things grow. We have expectations for things. When you plant a seed, the roots go down and the shoot grows upwards. It's how plants work.

Unless you're in space.

In space there is no gravity to tell the roots which way is down. The plants don't grow in the way they would on the earth.

Sometimes you sow seeds in life that you expect to have a particular outcome. But life is unexpected and things come in from left-field.

Sow the seeds and expect the unexpected.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Leave the seed

You'll never get a tree if you keep on digging up the seed to see how it's doing.

It is tempting to keep digging up a seed to see if it has germinated. But when you plant a seed you have to let it grow in its own time. You can give it the best conditions, but you can't force it to grow. Some seeds fail to germinate at all. Others take patience. Sometimes you reach the point of thinking that it will never sprout, and that is usually when the first tender shoot of green begins to show.

The trick is to keep planting and wait patiently to see what comes up.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Clerical scarves/stoles

I haven't done as many journal pages as usual in the last couple of weeks as I've been working on a gift - some clerical scarves or stoles.

The green one, in liturgical symbolism, stands for ordinary time, which is the time between Pentecost and Advent. It is the day-to-day, ordinary living time. I've decorated the scarf with wheat and fish as a reminder that there is still a harvest to be brought in, even outside of festival times. There are always opportunities even in the everyday business of living.

The purple one is for the seasons of Advent and Lent. Both are times of waiting, the lead time up to major festivals. We know the festivals are coming, but there is a time of preparation beforehand. The alarm clock is a symbol for the waiting. We set the time for the alarm to go off, knowing that we need to be ready by then.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Fears hamper us.

They obscure our sight, stopping us from seeing clearly.

They muffle our ears, stopping us from hearing the truth.

They bind our hands, stopping us from doing things.

 They tie our feet, stopping us from moving forward.

Fears can only hamper us.

Let's kick them to the kerb.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Feeling adrift

Feeling adrift...

but knowing I'm not.

Tossed on the waves...

but anchored to the rock.