Thursday, 8 January 2015


There are times when it can feel like everything is a little too closed in.

As if you're moving through a very narrow tunnel.

With very high walls.

It isn't always comfortable.

But what can seem restrictive for a season can often lead to greater freedom in the long run.

I did my journalling on the back of this little tag.

The thoughts for this page came when I started putting the long triangles between the pieces of washi tape. As they started to emerge, I started to fan them out, and it felt like freedom.

The outlining on these circles and the stripes around the edge are done with some really creamy pencils from Derwent. I love the way the layers show through here - stencilled chevrons in gesso and spray ink, acrylic smeared over the top with a baby-wipe. The circles look as if they are stuck on over the top, but they are actually the holes in the paper left when I punched out the circles on the other side of the page.


  1. I think this turned out really interesting! I love the characters in the circles, the colors and really all the layers that peek through. Did you do any printing? Are the dashes and dots on the right side a stamp? This really comes together in a great way and I'm quite fond of the message too!

  2. Fantastic spread Tracy, loved all the layers, the colours and again your message is so true! Fabulous work!

  3. Tracy, this is truly stunning. Love the colours and the effect of movement. Yes, so often we look back and see that what felt like a difficult time in fact was a time where you were getting to a better place. Blessings x

  4. Lovely spread - the colours are great, and it is really tactile!

  5. A very expressive page for the sense of freedom! Beautiful!

  6. Love this page Tracy. It really does tell the story of getting free of confinement in some way. You always have such interesting feeling of textures in your pieces!


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