Sunday, 25 January 2015

Take Me Deeper - Week 4

Take Me Deeper week 4 - Hebrews 10:19-23, transforming faithfully.

The journal I made for this year-long course is made of gelli-printed papers put together with the tag and slot method. This means that the opposing pages are hardly ever harmonious. I'm finding this quite a challenge to overcome when working on spreads. The pages aren't turning out as something that I like (except for last week!) but then, it's the process that is important.

Each week I am having to transform the pages and try to pull them together. I am having to transform them towards what I want them to be. And some days that takes a lot of wrestling.

For me, transforming faithfully means turning up every day, day in, day out, with a heart that is ready, malleable, and obedient. I look back over the past few weeks of this study and see that the things I am picking up on are about being close, drawing near, pressing in to God. If I want God to change me, I have to get close enough to let Him.

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  1. Tracy, thank you for sharing all of your study thoughts. :)


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