Thursday, 15 January 2015

How to flourish

I was just having fun playing with some new stencils I had cut, putting down colour and pattern with no real end in sight. The flower developed on one side of the page and a pattern on the other.

When I stood back I noticed the line dividing the space. There was a barrier between the two sides of the page. It made me think about what are the barriers that get in the way of my flourishing? (Flourish being my Logos365)

For a plant to flourish it needs sunlight, water, and food - trace minerals from the soil. But it needs these things within specific limits. Too much can be just as bad as not enough.

So I need to think about optimal levels for me to flourish, and how to remove any barriers to growth.


  1. What a fantastic layering, love the circles in the leaves and your flower design is gorgeous!

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the colours you've used and the whole thing just works so well. You have inspired me to just play, stop thinking, just play. Love it, Angela x

  3. Wow - this is a GREAT spread, and I love that you recognized where it was going from the dividing line!

  4. what a fabulous spread Tracy! My, you do have a way for the most elegant pages in such subtle forms! Love this for sure! hugs ")

  5. Love the stencils you've used! I think the color combo with the delicate handwriting makes it very lovely.

  6. Tracy! Love this for several reasons...your handwritten text is so nice and casual without being sloppy. It enhances the flourish message. And especially without the watermark, I can enjoy the entire page :) great job!


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