Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fall Fearless and Fly #7

We are almost at the end of the Fall Fearless and Fly challenge (see the button in the sidebar). I have enjoyed it hugely. It has made me think, it has introduced me to lots of wonderful bloggers I would not have run across otherwise, and it has definitely been a challenge.

So here is the penultimate one:

Headline Prompt:  Future Imperfect: What is different about your life now than what you once expected it to be?  How is the way it turned out perfect or imperfect.  If your future turns out differently than you imagined in the first prompt, could it still be perfect?
Color Prompt: Yellow
Quote Prompt: "Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present."  Friedrich Nietsche

Well, there is some yellow in there, although the printing I did in yellow acrylic with bubble-wrap doesn't show up that well. It is in there, though. Honest!

I wrote 'future' with an ink dropper so it ran and was...well....imperfect :) I'm not thrilled with the way the whole page has come out, but I had fun playing anyway. I do like this bit, though:

As for the thoughts behind it, well, we are so good at making plans. Then life gets in the way. Ten years ago I had it all planned out - my daughter would start school and I would take an art course of some sort. By the time I was forty I would have some sort of career connected with creative endeavours. 

Fast forward ten years and here I am, a home-schooling mum. I thought I would be the student, not the teacher! But I have to tell you that I am loving it. I am learning so much and I am so glad not to be missing out on this time. It goes by so fast. In another three years my daughter will finish her compulsory education. I'll still be under 50 so we'll see what the future has in store when it arrives.


  1. Some great colours and a lovely page... I love the effect of bubble wraps too :) So true what you said about meeting different bloggers thru FFF. It's been great fun and introspective at the same time.
    Good Day!

  2. I really like your rich colors and the vertical placement of the strips. Glad to find you through FFF!

  3. I really like this and can see the yellow! I love the texture in the green leafy looking areas.

  4. Plans are over-rated!!!!

    I really love the rich colours of your pages.

    Karen x

  5. This is lovely, I really like the build up of layers... I love the strips of text down the side too!

  6. I second your thoughts about Fall Fearless! Love what the ink dropper writing did and it pops from the rich background! So glad you are a part of Fall Fearless!

  7. Beautiful warm colours and I like the layers of pattern and texture. Sounds as the the change in direction (the verticals on the right) were a positive anyway! Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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