Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Regarding the ravages of time...

This page started out with a bit of collage. I had no idea where it was going to go, but I wanted to use the gelli-printed paper at the top. A quick wash of purple watercolour with salt sprinkled on came next. Then a bit more collage.

For some reason I felt like drawing some features, so out came the eye stamps. The rest of the face followed and a few square spirals were stamped on.

Then it sat for a while.

My eye kept being drawn to the pocket watch on the face and I got to thinking about time and how it affects how we look. Personally, I am not really that bothered about wrinkles. I don't dye my hair even though there are plenty of white ones sprinkled among the black. Hence the journalling:

"The marks of time were upon her face… and she treasured them as honestly won."

The lines remind me that I've smiled a lot :)


  1. Beautiful art, beautiful you! My mom always said that if the lines were from laughing, then its a good thing! I have plenty of wrinkles and drooping now, and I want to only laugh and smile more. Peace to you, Tracy. Kath


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