Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sing your song!

This is one of those pages that made itself!

Most of the time I start a page with no idea where it's going, unless I happen to be using a prompt. With this page, I stuck down the collage materials - pages from a Russian book - first and then gessoed over the top. When I came back to it, it seemed that the collaged pieces made a circle, so I drew it in with a soluble graphite pencil.

After that, the page took over.

The next thing that went down was the colour - just the basic blocks to start with. Then the triangles and leaves.

The thing that really gave me the direction this was going in was the second circle. Something so simple, but as soon as I drew it on, all I could see was a singing face! From there on in it was just the extra details.

A good reminder to not let anyone try to silence you.

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  1. What a wonderful page, and don't you think that the ones that make themselves are the best? I love this visual with your quote - perfect.


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