Sunday, 30 October 2016

Be direct

This simple page made me think about being stuck between two cogs. The 'wheels' were from cleaning off a stencil that had been sprayed through, and I liked the imperfect patterns it made, so kept the rest of the background simple.

Sometimes, as a vicar's wife, I find myself caught between two people who should really be speaking to each other. Or often people will ask me to ask my husband something. I direct them to ask him themselves wherever possible. I don't know whether they think that I will have more sway with him, so if their request comes from me it's more likely to have a positive response.

Too often, people will complain about someone to a third party rather than going to the person involved and solving the issue that stands between them. We need to be firm and redirect people when they do this. It isn't always easy, because we don't necessarily immediately see what is happening, but when we do, let's not gossip, but be part of the solution, repairing relationships instead.

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  1. Hi Tracy! Happy Monday! This is a great post. I love the pages and how you used the wheel. The words of wisdom were spot on. Its hard to say no to someone who needs to vent, however they need to be venting to the right person, or else find someone else to talk gossip with. I would imagine your position makes it 100x worse than being a neighbor or acquaintance of someone. It's great that you can see when to forward them on and then let go. Your wheel reminds me of something my Sissy and I talk about in our own lives and that is getting stuck in the wagon wheel rut. Instead of finding a new path to try, sometimes as humans, we get stuck in that rut without even realizing it sometimes. So your story and your art really meant a lot to me and fit together perfectly! Have a great week. Hugs, Rasz


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