Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ready to love

You are so much more ready to love us than we are to be loved.

I was facilitating a couple of sessions at a quiet day of prayerful contemplation on Saturday. The thing I came away realising/remembering was that God is so much more ready to love us than we are to be loved.

Like the prodigal son, we often approach God with all our issues at the forefront - we carry all the places we have fallen short in front of us like a box because we are keenly aware of them. They get between us and God. We are ready to throw ourselves at His feet and ask forgiveness, when He is standing with His arms open wide to embrace us.

I was reminded that God wants to love us first. The other stuff still needs to be dealt with - and it will be - but He wants to love us first. When we let God love us, we become softer, more tender, and we draw closer. It is when we are closer that the radical spiritual surgery can be done to our hearts.

So let God love you first. Draw close and be loved, Beloved.


  1. Your art and your thoughts are beautiful... thank you for this gentle reminder~

  2. This is so beautiful - quote and visual - Tracy. Thank you!


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