Friday, 16 June 2017

Cutting back

This background went through stages where I loved it, then added more and had 'ruined' it. Once the tape went on, I just had to extend those nice neat leaves. So I pulled out my winkpen (a refillable fountain pen with a glass nib) and loosely drew in some more leaves.

Now I loved the page again. Those little straggly leaves just reminded me of the way plants get 'leggy' in the summer. A bit of sunshine and they take off. But not all of that growth is useful. To increase fruitfulness, some of those straggly ends need pruning back to benefit the whole plant.

Sometimes we end up with too much on our plate. Some things need to be cut back to make room for others to blossom and bear fruit.

What are you cutting back this season?


  1. Again, thanks for the reminder...after an extended period of intense creative activity as I readied for a gallery show, I was giving myself grief for a period of inactivity in the studio. It's lovely to have the reminder that we can give ourselves permission for a quiet time.

  2. Hello Tracy, this beautiful work of yours really stood out. I love the sentiment (so true), and the balance in your composition, the colours... everything about it.
    I'm often slow to get around to everyone, but I get there in the end. Cheers and in our mutual love of art - have a great week :D)


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