Friday, 6 April 2012

G is for Gardener

I was really pleased with the way this double-page spread came out. Enjoyed getting messy with the fingerprinting of grapes, too...

G is for Garden and Gardener.

I am so glad that God is a better gardener than I am. I have been wrestling with the lawn and the vegetable beds for the last couple of weeks, but the weeds still seem to be winning. When I prune things, they don't always take on the shape I anticipated and aimed for. No matter how much I cut things back, they keep on growing at an alarming pace. Unless they are the things I am trying to grow. Then, of course, they are slow to grow and require patience to wait for the fruit of my labours.

If I view my life as a garden, it is much the same. If I try to root out the weeds in my own strength, they keep on coming back. If I let God be the gardener, He will plant something else where the weeds have been ripped up. Gradually my life garden is coming under His care and being set in order. Slowly it is becoming fruitful where before there were only thorn bushes and things that entangle.

How's your garden doing? Are you letting God be the gardener or are you labouring in your own strength?

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