Friday, 13 April 2012

M is for Maker

Sorry about the glare on the photo. The black acrylic is a bit shiny.

So, M is for Maker.

God likes to make things. He is a maker rather than a destroyer. He builds us up rather than tearing us down. Even when we are rebuked it is in a gentle way that is designed to build us up.

I hear lots of people say that they are not creative. I take issue with this. We are all made in God's image and the first thing we hear of Him doing is creating. So how about instead of the word 'create' we use the word 'make'? Do you make things? It could be a pie, a nice garden, a good meal, making someone feel good about themselves, a friendly and encouraging environment for people to work in.

All of these things are creative in their own way. They build up. They come from an attitude of love for others.

Make someone's day.

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