Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Dialogue

D is for dialogue. A conversation.

God longs for us to engage in conversation with Him. He wants us to listen as well as speak. He wants us to speak as well as listen. That's what prayer is - a conversation.

How many times do your prayers sound like a shopping list? So often we pray along the lines of 'I want...' or  'I need...' or 'help'. There is nothing wrong with this because God wants to hear what is on our minds. But He wants to speak to us as well. We go to Him with our needs, but do we listen to His answer? Sometimes we are so intent on spilling out what is on our hearts that we fail to hear what is important: the Lord telling us that He loves us.

Next time you pray, remember - speak and listen. Listen and speak. Build up dialogue.

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