Monday, 7 May 2012

Broken taps and habits

Today we finally had the taps fixed at our kitchen sink. They have been broken for a while - one turning round and round without switching on at all (a result, we found, of the inside being round instead of square) and the other not switching off properly, leaving us with a constant dripping.

Now that they are working again, I find myself behaving as if they were still broken. It made me think about times when we have something fixed in our lives. Sometimes we still act and react as if we are broken. Like favouring a leg that has been broken even though it is now better. We learn habits to cope with the brokenness and have to relearn how to be whole.

I was thinking that this was going to be just a written entry, but when I looked back at my journalling for the week I found this page:

The blobs were going to be stars, but when I added the thin black lines, they looked more like neurones to  me, so I gave them synapses and they became connections in a brain. This led me to journal about habits and how they are formed when we repeatedly perform tasks or behaviours.

Fits in quite nicely:)

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