Saturday, 26 May 2012


This background page has been sitting in my journal for a little while. I went back to look at it the other day and pictured the word 'family' in the middle of it. I put it down and waited to see where it led.

I started to think about the definition of the word. For most people it is your immediate relatives - parents, brothers, sisters. Then there is the extended family - grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins. And sometimes we add friends into that mix, especially when there are so many 'blended families' and broken families.

And then there is the church family.

We don't choose our family in the way that we can choose our friends, but there is a bond of blood. But with church family there is no choice. The Bible tells us that other believers are our brothers and sisters. We should be rooting for each other, mourning and rejoicing together, pulling together to get things done. And when there are fights and disagreements, we need to reconcile and forgive so we can move forward in the right way again.

So who in your life do you root for? Who do you rejoice and mourn with? Who do you fight with and then hug while you cry together?

Who is your family?

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