Monday, 21 May 2012

All you need is love...

I seem to have a bit of a graffiti theme going in my journal at the moment. I think it is just that all my backgrounds have been a bit messy lately : )


Such a small word for such powerful feelings.

We can give it.

We can receive it.

But to be well-balanced, we need to be able to do both.

There are some people who seem to suck everything out of you. They know how to receive love, but they haven't sussed out how to give it.

Others seem able to give and give, but find it hard to believe that someone might give love to them. They haven't learned to receive.

Where do you fall on this scale? Do you find it easy to give love but not receive it? Or are you struggling with how to show love to others? Or are you that blessed individual who loves and is loved in equal measure?

I hope you are the latter.

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