Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The good old days

When I had done the background and flowers for this it looked chintzy to me. This made me think of nostalgia - curtains from my childhood and the like. This led me to the words 'the good old days'.

How often do we look back on things that happened in the past and wish we were living them still? This especially can come up when we are going through a difficult patch. It seems that it would be good to be doing those things we did before, when things looked more rosy.

There is nothing wrong with remembering times past with fondness, but we have to be careful not to try to keep living in them. We have moved on.  The good old days have been part of the growing process and we shouldn't downplay what they contributed to our present make-up. But we are not the same people we were five, ten, or twenty years ago.

The ploughman cannot look back when he is ploughing, otherwise he will plough a very wiggly furrow. We, too, should look to the future and all that it holds, boldly moving forwards, not trying to live in the past.

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