Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Team spirit

I was having fun playing about with this page, not having to do anything to do with a particular letter (hurrah! The A to Z challenge is over). I was using glazes over foreign language and music paper collaged on to an old children's book. Then I fossicked around in a drawer and found this photo that my husband picked up at the Op-Shop at church. It is an Australian football team from 1917 (Don't ask me which one. It just says IJFC on the ball).

The photo seemed to fit well on the background, so I stuck it down and started to mull over it. The word 'team' seemed to be appropriate. A team is really a community, something I have been thinking about a lot lately. A team has to work together like a body. They all need to be playing the same tune and speaking the same language, otherwise there is a cacophony and miscommunication.

What 'teams' are you on?

What are the common goals?

Are you all on the same page, with the same tune and the same language?

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