Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How many boxes?

As our move looms closer, we are getting quotes for removals. People are moving through our home and working out how much space will be needed to move all of our belongings, totting up how many boxes will be needed to pack up our life and move it across the city.

It's strange to think that five years ago we packed everything into a sea container and moved it halfway round the world. When everything you have is packed into one compact space you realise just how small a life is if you only count it in terms of possessions.

But I am thankful for all those things in my life that cannot be put into a box - love, faith, hope, grace, mercy. These things cannot be contained.

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  1. Amazing spread Tracy, and you are so right, we should all be grateful for the things in our life that can't go into boxes!


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