Monday, 25 August 2014


Five years after uprooting from everything we knew and relocating halfway around the round to take up a post at a new church, we had our last Sunday with that congregation yesterday. Now we have four weeks before we start with a new set of people, a new church culture, a new home just across the city.

This is my time of contemplation; of looking back over these five years and assessing the fruit.

Although the move is a short one this time, still it involves an emotional wrench. We have joined a set of people on a journey, and now it is our time to break off and take a slightly different route with a new set of travellers. But we will take with us the marks of that part of our journey, as we hope they will, too. We cannot truly interact with each other without leaving marks. We hope they will be laughter lines rather than scars.

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  1. I love your apple with all the layers - such a good way to depict fruit. Leaving people behind is the most painful thing to do and an emotional wrench as you say. I'm sure the marks you leave behind will be laugher lines :) Bless you and much grace.


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