Friday, 1 August 2014

Having fun

I spent yesterday afternoon having fun just playing. I was carving some stamps for Becky Wentworth, who I met in the Colourful Playground google+ community set up by Carolyn Dube. She's going to swap me some papers made from National Geographic magazine images manipulated with Citra-solv. Anyway, after I'd finished stamps for Becky, I was on a roll, so I did the ones above for myself. The circle was inspired by a bubble-wrap print.

One of the great things about moving is that you have a jolly good clear-out. I found some glossy black card and some Lumiere paints tucked away in a drawer. So I pulled them out to play with as well. I did a couple where I just mushed two pieces of card together and then pulled them apart, and then some with clingfilm (plastic wrap/ saran wrap). When I peeled off the clingfilm there was still a lot of paint on it, so I printed off it on to some more card. Such fun!

I'm thinking that I might turn some of them into tags.

And here are some close-ups:

The one above was a print off the clingfilm from the one below.


  1. I love those stamps, Girl! They are fun to carve and now I'm inspired to make some more…thanks for the post! Lucky you - swapping with Becky (isn't she an amazing artist? She's a beginner, right? hard to believe, huh) Anyway, art life is good, oui?

  2. great work on the stamps and I loooove the Lumiere papers.


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