Monday, 20 February 2012

Spiritual Check-up Pt 3 - eyes

There are many ways that we can look at how we use our eyes to assess the heart, and many questions that we can ask ourselves. For instance, how do you see yourself?

Think about it for a moment.

Are you being real with yourself? We need to keep the balance between pride (thinking more of ourselves than we should) and self-deprecation (giving ourselves no value whatever). We are not perfect, but we are also not without value. You need to keep a good perspective on how you see yourself. You are a child of Christ who is loved, and you are a sinner who is forgiven. You are a work in progress in the hands of a loving Creator. See yourself through His eyes.

Moving on, what do you look at? Are you feeding your eyes on what is wholesome? Do you allow your eyes to linger on those things that you should turn away from? Problems with lust start with your eyes. Job, in chapter 31, talks about our heart being led by our eyes. He makes a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at women. Is there something you need to make a covenant with your eyes about?

And what about coveting? Again our eyes lead our hearts into this. Coveting is a sign of discontent. You want what you don't have. What are you desiring at the moment? Is it something that God has put in you, or something that will gain you acceptance with those around you?

Ask yourself what God desires for you and set your sights on that, because He will lead your eyes in the direction He wants your heart to take.

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