Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spiritual check-up pt 4 - ears

Our ears alert us to danger that we cannot necessarily see. When we cannot see clearly to cross a road, we strain our ears to check for traffic.

Our ears are important spiritually, too. In the same way that our mouth can be misused, or our eyes can look at things that aren't good for them, our ears can listen to the wrong things. Do you listen to rumours and gossip? Do you listen to lies, not using discernment to cut through to the core of the matter? And who do you listen to?

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be hypersensitive to criticism that doesn't intend to build us up. We start to believe our critics rather than those that love us, who will speak truth to us because they want us to grow.

Are you listening to God? Are there any obstacles to hearing clearly? Do you have your fingers stuck in your ears, singing 'lalalalalala' to drown out what you should be listening to?

Just where are your ears, spiritually speaking?

Make sure you are listening to truth.

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