Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A few projects

As I write the floor in my art room is scintillating.  As is the ironing board, my clothes, and even parts of my face. Here is the reason:

This is the fabric my 13yr old daughter has chosen for a long flared skirt. The cobwebs are in gold glitter. Which gets everywhere. 

Continuing in the black theme, my husband bought a black sketchbook for me. Here is my first doodle in it:

And I came to yet another page I had prepped in black in my current journal (what was I thinking?!)
So I lightened it with some black and white patterned paper I picked up recently. Then it was crying out for some red, so I added a heart. Then I needed some words so, rifling through my book of miscellaneous useful stuff I found a quote by Henry Vaughan:
Sickness and death you are but sluggish things and cannot catch a heart that hath got wings.
 Of course, now wings needed to be added to the heart.

It set me thinking about what makes a heart fly even in the face of difficult circumstances. 
For me, it would be hope and joy. In the words of the old hymn, I 'have a hope that is steadfast and certain' in my faith, and a joy that is deeper and more long-lasting than simple fleeting happiness. These things I have irrespective of my circumstances.

What makes your heart fly?

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