Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Doing your best

Are you ever dogged by perfectionism? It can come from within or without, but wherever it comes from, it damages us.

When we demand that we be perfect in whatever area of life, we ask for the impossible. We will never achieve that target. We set ourselves and others up to fail.

When we are realistic about what we ask for, we are more likely to be pleasantly surprised. When we urge and encourage people - and ourselves - to give their best, they pull out all the stops. When we ask them to be perfect, they know they cannot reach that goal and will often give up before they really get started.

So why not be kind to yourself - and those around you - and ask for people to give their best rather than something that is perfect?


  1. Perfect is so over-rated! When I let the perfection go my muse dropped in and the paint started flying- and hasn't since! Love your journal page- all the layers are fantastic!

  2. nice affirmation. It is so freeing to let go of perfection. Great journal spread!


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