Friday, 16 November 2012

What's growing?

Sometimes things don't quite go how you expect. You teach a class or lead a retreat and the reactions aren't what you anticipated. Those are the times I have to remind myself that God is planting seeds that I don't know about. Just because things didn't go the way you planned doesn't mean that people didn't learn something or go away with new ideas. Sometimes we have to widen our horizons and realise that there are way more links being formed than we can even dream of. 

So don't sweat it when things go awry!

Here are some close-ups:

stamp embossed in white

I shall be linking this to Art Journal Every Day. Go check out what everyone else has been up to!


  1. I love the purple tone of this page, the tiny writings makes it extra special. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. this is really beautiful-love how the colors flow so well togeteher!

  3. This is so lovely and I really love the quote.


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