Thursday, 27 December 2012

Open the box

For all of you who celebrate Christmas, I'm sure there has been a lot of giving and unwrapping of gifts going on in the last few days. My husband's sermon on Christmas Day was all about gifts. There are certain things that need to happen to get the most out of a gift.

First, you have to receive it. It is possible to be given a gift that we don't actually take.

Second, you have to unwrap it. A gift that is received but not unwrapped is just a pretty box.

Lastly, you have to use it for its purpose. A gift that is never used just gathers dust and is as useful as a block of concrete.

So my question is: have you truly received your gifts, torn off the wrappings, and plunged right in to make use of them?


  1. Oh this is truly beautiful!! Yes! I am learning!

  2. Hi Tracy! It sounds like a passionate sermon you two put together and, being a Multi-Faith Minister myself, the box for me would be LOVE! And I am loving this picture above with color, beautiful and passion. The vibrance just jumps off the page. It is so nice how you share your faith on your blog. I did the same for the first 3 years of my can be very powerful medium! thanks for that. Samara Navi


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