Thursday, 20 December 2012

Reverb12 - day 20

Yes, yes, I'm a little behind on this. I have to admit that doing the A to Z challenge was easier because I knew what was coming and could prepare beforehand :) This has been harder. Sometimes I have to sit with a prompt for a little while and then I get behind...

So, today, What was lost and what was found?

Well, I like to think that the timidity I have always had about standing in front of others has now been lost - or at least is in the process of being lost - and that a new boldness will be found as time goes on.

As for some art work to go with it, I'm going to leave you with this, which I have blogged before, but fits the question.


  1. Ooh, those vintage images are fantastic. Awesome page. Would love to read more about how you did this.

    1. Hi Leah.
      Thank you! I don't usually go in for vintage images but these came free with a magazine and I needed to pull myself out of a rut so I used them. The page made itself really! I stuck the images down, one as it was, one cut from its background but with that left in as well, and one just the image. Then I added the pink and green acrylics. The image in the top left had been left a bit dark by the paint so that gave me the words for that one. The bottom left seemed to have stepped forward, so there were the next lot of words. The final woman looked as if she was daydreaming. That gave me the rest of the text. When I stood back and read everything together it gave me tingles! I then lightened everything up with a white water-soluble pastel.


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