Monday, 25 March 2013

old journals

I was looking through some old journals today, searching for a particular page, when I found my first ever art journal. This was my first page, done in a journal I made from thick card, like a child's board book. Looking at it now I can see that I tried so many different things on the page, eager to see what would happen and excited to have found this 'new' art form. 

What interests me is that the type of pages I end up doing differs depending on the type of paper I'm using. These are very thick pages so they can be gouged into. You can apply the acrylic thickly in swirls, and then before it is all dry, scrape it off, leaving interesting shapes and textures on the page. One side of the card was grey and the other white, so some pages are brighter than others.

Here are a few of the other pages from the same journal:

What was your first page like? And does your style change depending on the type of journal?

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  1. This is lovely work, Tracy. I so appreciate your visit to I Love You, Currie and your comment sent me looking for an email and then lo and BEhold I got to enJOY a visit to your blog and seeing your art and realising how LARGE the World is yet so close when experienced in this magical way. BE Well and enJOY every moment. Thank you again.


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