Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I am made for

This page started out with something that didn't work. The very first thing I did no it I didn't like. 

It sat with the first couple of layers for a few days before I looked at it and decided it was crying out for red circles. I don't know why, it just was. So I painted them in, not knowing where it was leading. 

The first lot of petals I drew in didn't look right. I tried with smaller ones and that felt better. 

Then I put white circles in the centre of the main flower. Didn't like that, so covered them up with red again.

Then the other circles were stamped on and it felt like I was finally getting somewhere. But they needed something else so I grabbed a pencil, dabbed the eraser end into my black ink-pad, and went dotty. 

But what should I write? What was on my heart?

Looking back at this process I can see that, just like life, there are plenty of things that we try out and find that they're 'not really me', but we learn things along the way. Doing what we are made for sometimes takes time to work out. It takes time to learn how you work, what your temperament is and your gifts and skills. But finally we work it out, and each thing that we do along the way becomes part of the end picture. 

And now I just want to share a picture of the rainbow that I could see out of my art room window yesterday morning at 7a.m. It was just so vivid and such a gift as I spent my quiet time with God.


  1. Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing , what you say is so true. it's hard for my to explane in englisch what i really want to say,:) you made me think in a different way, thank you for that. Hugs Sara.
    Ps; Your page is beautiful

  2. I just love this page and especially what you wrote about it...I can so relate!! Art, like life, is a process.


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