Monday, 27 May 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - prompt #1

Last Wednesday I posted that I had made a new journal covered in red leather with a key fastener to start working through Journal Fodder 365. 

"I am" is the first prompt. Easing me in gently, I feel.

So, I am - in no particular order -

  • happily married for 20 years (so far)
  • a skill-sharer
  • taller in my own head
  • brunette with grey - ageing gracefully
  • introverted
  • quiet
  • slowly becoming a godly woman (though not in my own strength)
  • learning to dream big
  • loved
  • a stay-at-home Mum
  • growing in peace and joy
  • faithful and loyal
  • wary of new things - unless they are art materials
  • thankful
  • caring and sensitive
  • wiser than I used to be
  • always learning
  • happy in my skin
My aim is to do one prompt a week and post on Monday. 

Have a great week and perhaps I'll 'see' you on Wednesday at the 4th WOYWW anniversary art swap.


  1. Love taller in your head I look forward to following along with your journal journey

    1. As someone who is 5ft 2in, I don't actually feel short until someone stands next to me :)

  2. As I already said, I also took a look into the book and to me it seems to be one where you can learn a lot about yourself. I am really about ordering it, but it has to wait for a couple more weeks as I've spent too much on books and art journaling supplies for this month already. ;-)

    I am curious about where your journey will take you and so I will stay tuned.

    1. I would highly recommend the book - I think it will be a challenge to work through it. I have a budget that allows for a book a month so I choose carefully :)

  3. Such a wonderful idea, beautiful page and words, a very sensitive response to that prompt. I will follow your journey

  4. Love these colors and flower boxes.

  5. Beautiful journal page packed with self love. Magic and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. WOW - what a great idea and very interesting to see your thoughts. Haven't done any journalling . . . don't think I have the time for it just yet!

    Sarn xxx

  7. Love your page. It also made me smile, as I can relate to a lot of the things you wrote =), though not everything. Maybe I should try and make a list like this. And yes, I also think I am taller in my head...


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