Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOYWW- letting go

Good morning WOYWWers (and if you don't know what that means, see the button in the bar to link to Stamping Ground where we get together on Wednesdays to peek at desks around the world).

You'll be glad to know that this bear does now have a head. I just couldn't resist the photo when my daughter set it down on my desk while she finished the head.

The other thing on my desk is this journal page which I took WIP photos of as it developed. 

A few bits of collage from various sources. I like using foreign language books as I find that they add great texture without my brain wanting to read them.

Then a layer of gesso and some acrylics applied with a wet-wipe. I had no idea where this page was going at this stage.

 A bit of random shape stamping. The pink was a bit more vibrant than I was happy with. A swish over with a wet-wipe helped a bit.

Some water-soluble oil pastel to deepen the colour in some places and a spray of a reddish-brown watercolour and I felt it was ready for some words.

The page sat for a day while I thought about what needed to be said; what was on my mind? I stencilled a few shapes while I pondered. The words 'let go' were running through my head, so I put them down.

A bit of shadow to give the lettering more depth and the rest of the thought.

And the finished page with ropes to represent the things that are holding me back or holding me in place. The birds are there to remind me that resting awhile is OK, but (most) birds are made to fly, not be tethered to the ground. 

So what's holding you back? Which ropes need to be loosened?


  1. I love to see how you 'build up' this page, gorgeous! "Let go" is such a bold statement and important message! In fact, the art journal workshop I teach is called 'let it loose'... Happy woyww, Marit #84

  2. What lovely work and I especially like seeing the gradual development of your idea - so interesting. The finished page fab!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog - hope you have a great week.

  3. oh poor poor ted, with no head! Glad he has one now

    Happy WOYWW, have a great week

    Candace #58

  4. Yikes, a headless bear, how scarey. Great to see your wip.

  5. wow what a wonderful page I love the colours and I had never thought about using pages in a different language. Your words made me stop and think about things so thank you for that
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you get plenty of crafting time
    Ria #113

  6. LOL Headless bear!! love the yellow you've picked for him hugs Nikki #39

  7. Great page and how cool to see it develop. I get so engrossed I forget to take pics so well done you! The headless bear made me smile and now my brain is trying to think of 'headless' jokes ... it's far too late in the day though, so I haven't got very far! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@55

  8. Lovely page ! Great how you have created the layers - and the symbolism of the birds is great too ! Ali #4

  9. Love the step by step photos of your great page. The headless teddy made me laugh!!! Jules No57

  10. wow loved how you showed what happened from the beg to the end! awesome job!!!!!

  11. Thats a lovely background, nice to see how it evolved.
    Karen #52

  12. WOW! I love the page you've made. I don't know what's holding me back...probably my fear of messy crafting and distressing!

    Thanks for popping by to visit me as part of WOYWW, sorry it took so long for me to visit you!


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