Thursday, 27 March 2014

Layers uncovered

A warning right now - this is a photo-heavy post! After my last post I thought it would be fun to see how the layers combine to give the finished result, so there are lots of WIP photos and some close-ups at the end of the finished spread. 

The result here had a graffiti feel to it which made me think of walls and what people write on them. Then I thought about the way we allow people to 'write' their opinions on our lives. So what will you allow them to write? 




Will you allow people to write those things on the wall of your life? Or will you believe the positive?




It's your wall. Scrub off the unhelpful graffiti and splash on the truth! Believe it. Live it.

And here are the layers:

A bit of collage. The paper on the left is a piece from the sheet I use under the pages I'm working on.

A gelli-print randomly applied.

Some turquoise spray and a yellow wash.

Random squiggles with a water-soluble graphite pencil.

A bit of stencilling.

Gelli-printed greaseproof (deli) paper applied with gel medium so the previous layers show through.

More spray.

Stencilled gesso.

Orange glaze, a bit of paint, and more spray with drips.

The last lot of stencilling before the journalling went on there.

And some close-ups:


  1. Thank you for showing all the layers - I love to see each stage of a finished page. Really good, too, to think of our walls and what we should scrub off and splash on!

  2. love, love, love seeing how layers come together to create something so pretty!! really into lots of layering myself lately! :)

  3. Love all your beautiful layers! May I know which side of the deli paper you paint on--the shiny or the dull side? I have dry wax paper but don't know if the shiny side should face up or down! Carrie J

    1. Hi Carrie. I don't think the greaseproof paper that I use is exactly the same as deli paper, just the closest thing I can easily get here in Australia. It doesn't have a shiny side. Having said that, I would expect that the paint would stick better to the non-shiny side. Gel medium sticks things even if they're shiny so I would use it that way round. Hope that helps!


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