Tuesday, 18 March 2014

One Little Word - Calm

One Little Word is back this month with two little words, calm and dream. I pulled out the time-lapse camera and did a little something for 'calm'.

A small stack of patterned circles gave me plenty of texture and interest in the background. A layer of gesso evened the whole thing out. Then I had fun with colour - sprays and acrylics applied with a palette knife to give a nice loose look.

My nifty circle-cutter provided a mask for the black spray - which if you look carefully also went all over my fingers :)

All it needed now was some journalling: 'When all around is darkness, stay calm and look within yourself and beyond yourself for the light that is surely there.'

Staying calm helps you to keep a clear head. When your head is clear, you can find the light that is inside that pushes back the darkness. You can also look beyond your present circumstances to the light at the end of the tunnel. The darkness won't last forever and if we can focus on the coming light we can endure.


  1. Oh goodness...how I love this page!!! Thanks for sharing the video!! Looks great!

  2. Wonderful page. The circles give so much interest and texture and I love the black spray effect.

  3. Love the circles and colours. Thanks for joining us at one little word.

  4. This is such a stunning work of art! I am so happy that you shared your video with all of us!

  5. I can't see the video (don't worry: I know it's my device causing the problem!), but I love the page! Nice vibrant colours, cool black journaling circle! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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