Thursday, 8 May 2014


I'm finding myself making very colourful backgrounds at the moment. Previously I would tend to stick to a couple of colours, generally next to each other on the colour wheel, all very soothing. But not for the last few weeks for some reason.

This background started with some pages where I cleaned my brayer off after using the gelli-plate. Then I stencilled on to it, added some gelli-printed greaseproof paper, stamping, and a yellow wash. There was no white space in sight so I added white circles, inspired by Carolyn Dube's 'white space vs. colour' fight.

Well, that circle on the right, the one down at the bottom on its own, was just calling out to be made into a flower. But when I had five petals on it, there was just something holding me back from putting that last one in.  I looked at it for a while, thinking I needed a word.

Incomplete. That's what the page was saying to me.

So I put the word in, and it fit just right where I'd left out that petal.

And then I remembered that I am incomplete, not yet finished. So the riot of colour and pattern that doesn't yet fit together - I shouldn't worry about it. Everything will fall into place in time. And I shouldn't be so hard on myself, because I'm a work in progress.


  1. Amazing spread Tracy, loved every little detail of it!

  2. Perfection!
    And this one flowered circle makes ist so special..
    fantastic that you have a new episode with colorplaying .. and if the result looks as amazing as this does ..
    I can just say: FAB!


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