Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stuck in my own head

I'm feeling a bit stuck in my own head at the moment. I thought that perhaps making a time-lapse video would shake me out of my rut. I've mentioned before that making one of these videos makes me feel that I have to work quickly so there aren't long gaps where nothing is happening. 

Combine that with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's challenge to use only ten items to make a page, and it really forces you out of your comfort zone.

Ten items - let me tell you, that's a real challenge! Here are mine:

1. Journal - this is a Mont Marte A3 journal
2. Gesso - again Mont Marte
3. Acrylic paints - Kaisercolour
4. Babywipes - to apply the acrylic paint
5. Gelli-printed greaseproof paper - that's what all the other items are resting on
6. A plastic palette knife - used to apply gel medium as well as paint
7. Gloss gel medium by Reeves
8. Black ink pad - Archival Brilliance
9. Hand-carved alphabet stamps
10. Spray ink - Brusho powder watercolour inks in a spray bottle

I also used a heatgun to speed everything along. I hope that's not classed as cheating :)

As soon as I started on the page I wished I had picked different supplies! I didn't realise how many different things I use when making a single spread. When you have everything available to you, you don't really think about it. Also, look out for the OOPS where I was trying to squeeze a small amount of turquoise paint on to the palette knife and ended up with a huge blob on the page instead. 

I'm not displeased with the page, but I will probably add more layers at a later date. I like the paler, calmer piece near the centre, above the words. It feels like that is the place I am walking to, leaving behind the busier parts on either side, which are like my thoughts at the moment - a bit jumbled and crowding in on each other.

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