Thursday, 11 June 2015


I'm a bit pushed for time this week, so I pulled out a background that had been sitting there for a while and journalled some thoughts on to it.

I love the way you can work on pages over days, weeks, even months, and nothing goes to waste.

The journalling reads, 'When looking at what has yet to be achieved, don't forget to take into account past victories. Look to how far you have already come as well as how far is yet to go.'

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by what is ahead and how far there is yet to go, but it is good to take stock of how far we have already come. We shouldn't belittle what has already been achieved just because there is further to go. Savour each victory and achievement. It will give you encouragement to keep going.

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  1. Very encouraging journaling, something we should all do instead of beating ourselves up! Lovely backround too.


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