Sunday, 26 July 2015


Sometimes, when things aren't flowing as well as you'd like, it can be good to use some prompts.  A little while ago I signed up for a 30-day free course from Lisa Sonora called Root. (She is doing one called Flow at the moment). I knew that I wasn't able to do the course straight away, so I saved all the emails with the prompts and thoughts to do at another time.

That time is now.

Although I probably won't finish the course in 30 days - I work in my journal every day but don't necessarily finish an entire page every day - I am starting to work through the prompts, using whichever bits and pieces speak to me at the time. For this first prompt, it was the quote by Henry David Thoreau - 'There is no beginning too small.'

Each plant starts as a small seed. Each journey starts by facing in the right direction. The trick is then to keep moving in that direction. Each step is valuable as long as it heads towards your goal.

So that first small step - it doesn't matter how small it is. It is a start. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking the question. For me it was, 'Would you be interested in putting on an art journalling workshop?' A swift affirmative reply pushed me to the next step - actually planning it.

One step at a time. Just make a start.

What's the first small step you can take towards that dream?

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