Sunday, 4 October 2015

Altered postcard

This is another background done with gelli-printed self-adhesive labels (yes, I made a whole pile of them). A bit of gesso over the top and some neocolor ii to plug some gaps and bring everything together. 

The leaves were on a piece of paper on my desk, another piece of gelli-printing. I cut them out and when I put them on the page they made me think of a seedling. This isn't that surprising as it is spring here and a courgette plant has just started to poke its way through the soil, the first of my veggies to germinate. 

But what is germinating in my journal? I picked up something else that was just sitting on my desk - a transfer of a brain. The seedling and the brain came together to make me think about what we allow to take root in our minds. Whose opinion matters? What do we give our thoughts to?

This must be on my mind at the moment because I did an altered postcard this week, too:

This is one of those free postcards you can pick up at the cinema or museum and suchlike. I love to use them as prompts and for inspiration so I have boxes of them. This one is called Body Parts and is by Georgia Perry. I added the black outlining on the heart, the brain transfer, and the journalling. 

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