Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dare to be different

This was one of those pages where all the elements go down and then I stand looking at it to see what it is 'saying' to me. Some pages have a theme before I start; some emerge as they go on, and others, like this one, reach the stage of being finished except for the journalling.

So what was this page saying? The leaf on the right was different from the others, and standing alone. It's a different colour, shape, and size from the others. The leaves on the left look like a group - they are similar and grouped together. This could be about feeling lonely - but it isn't. It could be about feeling left out of a group - but it isn't that either. For me, this page, at this time, was saying "Dare to be different." It was saying not to worry about standing out from the crowd. In fact, to embrace it and pursue it.

And I will try to do that.


  1. Great sentiment - I totally get it! Love the colours in this!

  2. Love it Tracy. Great words and meaning.


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