Thursday, 10 December 2015

Brown paper and a brayer

There's something very therapeutic about brayering paint on to a large piece of paper. I had eight sheets of brown paper that I wanted to turn into a journal. As you can see from the sheets at the bottom in the photo below, I started out with a gelli-plate and stencils, patterning the paper in a delicate (sort of!) way.

After three sheets, I decided to just squirt the paint directly on to the paper and have fun with the brayer and some large arm movements. I put three colours on the sheet at the same time and just brayered through them, mixing directly on the paper.

Once they were dry, I cut the large sheets into 4 x A3 pieces. Because the paper isn't particularly thick, I'll fold each piece and bind them at the cut ends, so each folded piece becomes one page. I like the way that the pages will blend because they came from larger pieces.

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