Sunday, 10 January 2016


At the moment I am working in an old cookery book that I picked up for a couple of dollars from the local library. Once I had done the background for this page, I noticed that there was a word left at the top: marinated.

When meat is marinated, it is immersed in a liquid intended to tenderise and flavour it. It made me think about what it is that I'm immersed in. How is it affecting me? Am I immersing myself in things that will make my heart softer?

And what about flavour? Does my life have a pleasant flavour that attracts others or one that repels them?

What is your marinade at the moment?


  1. I'm marinated in art at the moment, though there is a lot of day to day work tainting the mix, the soak is pretty good :D

    I'm going to be holding a workshop at Goodwood Library in February on my paper mosaics if you are interested. (This is not why I'm commenting, it just suddenly occurred to me that you might be interested - I was in the middle of doing costings when your email landed in my inbox and distracted me with marinade :D)

    Hope you've managed to find a cool spot. Looks like things are heating up again this week ::hugs::

    Best wishes,

  2. A lovely page Tracy. I am currently really focused on making art videos for youtube and having much fun becoming part of the community there. People are actually really nice and seem to be non competitive which is not like any other art community I have tried to blend in with. I think this step is a good thing for me..reaching out and touching others :)

  3. Wow - love this one, Tracy. I think I've been soaking too long in some things, and so appreciate your reminder!


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