Tuesday, 14 June 2016

See with more than your eyes

This page started out with the messy scrap paper I use to catch drips etc. when doing pages. I like the patterns that collect on those papers. They have patterns that you can't seem to make deliberately.

Once the scraps were collaged, a layer of gesso pulled it together and fun with the triangle stencil started. I used it as a straight stencil with paint, drew through it with a waterproof pen, and used it with a baby wipe to remove paint.

Then came the mark-making, just doodling, really, with pens, paint, and a straw. I was having fun. Then the circle just called out for an eye. I wasn't sure, so I left it to the next day, but I still wanted to put in that eye. So I did. After all, it's just my journal and I can play however I like in it.

Of course, the eye led me to think about seeing. How we can see more than just the light that is reflected from things and hits the eye. When we perceive with our heart and ears as well, we can really see.


  1. Wonderful page. Love the bold colours and the eye. Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a wonderful Tracy - love the colours combined with the extensive mark-making and accidental marks. Rich and very apt with your quote.


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