Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Who you are

Here's the latest spread in my 'From Brain to Veins' journal - a journal for exploring those things that we know in our minds, but that don't always penetrate to our hearts.

As a stay-at-home mum and homeschooler, I find it difficult when people ask me what I do. How to answer? I'm a wife, a mother, a teacher, an artist, I write, knit, make jewellery, give a day a week to working for the church my husband is pastor to, love to cook and share skills.

What do I do?

They don't really want a list of what I achieve every day. What they mean is, what is my career? What is my job and function? And then I can sometimes feel a bit embarrassed. I shouldn't, and most of the time I don't, but occasionally I do, especially when I'm in a room with high achievers. But God is so much more interested in who I am; how I'm growing and becoming more like Him. I could be the best lawyer/doctor/whatever, but if I'm not growing as a person into someone who is loving, kind, compassionate, then what does it matter?

Wouldn't it be so much better if we asked each other who we are? What are our dreams? What are our hopes? None of us have a single 'function' in life. We are all made up of different facets and they all add in to who we are.

I think that is much more exciting.

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