Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's hot!

What can I say - it's hot! 42C for 2 days running, and 39C slated for today. Guess that's why I'm reaching for reds as they match what I'm feeling. So, a short post as it's just too hot to do anything but sit in the air con. Besides, the paint just dries on your brush before you can get it to the page. I'll have to swap over to other media that work better in the heat. Now, what do I have that might work...


  1. Hello Tracy, that's a great way to deal with all that hotness! Good for you - all the elements in your painting are beautiful and hopefully have helped for you to think of it rather than that awful heat. Happy and (hopefully soon) a less hot PPF :D)

  2. Just fabulous Tracy! This is really HOT!

  3. Good grief - just thinking of that kind of heat has me wanting to run for a pool, and it's zero degrees here in Creston! Love the colour, my friend, and wish you some cooler weather.


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