Monday, 27 February 2017

Under the tree

Lent is approaching, a season of spending time under the tree, a time of prayer and contemplation.

Lent is usually seen as the season for putting things down - we give up sugar or chocolate or coffee or (fill in the blank) - but it can also be the season of picking things up. This year our congregation is being encouraged to put a little money aside each day through Lent e.g. if they are giving up their daily trip to the coffee shop, put that money aside. On Easter Sunday we will collect that money together and buy sanitary products for homeless and disadvantaged women which will be distributed through our local network of shelters, soup kitchens etc.

Something that we can easily take for granted can be a luxury to others. So don't just give something up this Lent - take something up as well.

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  1. I love the colour POW in this one, Tracy - isn't it true that nature can feel like this sometimes?!


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