Monday, 24 April 2017

I can see clearly now...

Well, I've reached that time of life where my arms will soon be at the point of not being long enough for me to read. So I am now the proud owner of reading glasses. How nice it is to not have to work on the computer at arm's length :) Thankfully that is the only thing wrong with my eyes. They are otherwise in perfect shape.

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  1. oops, i started a comment and lost it, so you may have something weird showing up. my soon-to-be-brother-in-law gave me his asus tablet and i am still getting use to it. soooo...i have to use reading glasses more and more. luckily i can pick mine up at the dollar store here in town. much better than buying them at walmart for the exact same pair that they sell for $9. And i have had my driving glasses or longer distance seeing needs for years. seems to get worse and worse the older i get. so welcome to the club of reading glasses. i keep saying that everything is being written in smaller and smaller fonts. works for me. big hugz, rasz


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